The Key Discoveries piano recital series 
was founded by Martin in 2015 and has turned into a hub for pianists eager to explore the vast repertoire for their instrument, far beyond the standard repertoire. The recital series also turned into a festival in May 2018, and the long list of notable performers include Alexei Lubimov, Paavali Jumppanen, Konstantin Bogino, Roland Pöntinen, Jonathan Powell and numerous others.
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The folk music collective Babalisk was founded nearly 20 years ago by violinist Brusk Zanganeh and Martin Malmgren. Over the years, the group has developed an unusually broad range of repertoire, ranging from Balkan and Klezmer music via influences from the Middle East, as well as Argentinian tango. With playfulness, curiosity and improvisation, Babalisk has enchanted its audiences at festivals, music restaurants and the streets of Gothenburg.

The Mazurka Project

Taking special interest in the Mazurka genre, Martin has performed the set of complete Mazurkas by Karol Szymanowski - combined with Mazurkas by Roman Maciejewski, Paavo Heininen and Chopin. 

In spring 2020, Martin will continue the project by performing the complete set of Mazurkas by Chopin.

"Into the future" 


- Etudes throughout the centuries -

It is in the small - and supposedly repetitive and tedious - format of the piano etude, meant as an exercise to improve specific skills at the instrument, that many composers have had their greatest bursts of creativity. Martin has explored this in recitals that have included the compete Études by Claude Debussy in combination with Études by Bartok and Ligeti. Other recital programs have highlighted works in the same genre by Ivan Fedele, Maurice Ohana, Magnus Lindberg, Chopin, Rachmaninoff and others. The project continues, and will include world premieres and lesser-known works in the genre.

A journey through French piano music 


- Couperin, Chabrier, Fauré, Debussy, Ohana -

With a particular interest in French music, Martin takes us on a historical trip taking us from the masters of the French baroque, via the quirks of Chabrier and the forgotten beauties of late Fauré, up until the most recently-written piano music from France.

Around the world in 80 minutes

With a starting point in Jules Verne's classical novel with a similar title, Martin has created a program with violinist Brusk Zanganeh and cellist Björn Risberg that explores music from all corners of the world in the format of a single, 80 minute concert. With all three musicians being experienced both as classical musicians and as improvisers, this concert also explores the boundaries between notated and improvised music.

Part of the incomes from this project will be donated to international organisations helping refugees.

More details on this project will be announced in the nearest future.