Selected reviews and recommendations

“After the last performance the jury deliberated and chose 27-year-old Martin Malmgren as the winner. Malmgren (…) played Sergei Prokofiev’s fifth piano concerto as his final piece. The rarely heard concerto has five movements, and it suited its performer perfectly and accentuated his personal style.

Out of all the finalists Malmgren had the broadest interpretative and dynamic scale, which vibrantly emphasized the musical extremes. The phrase “piano is a percussion instrument” was often accurate about the nature of the concerto, and the accuracy of intensity, length, and timing of Malmgren’s accents was astounding. He was just as at home during the quieter and more peaceful parts of the concerto.”

Santeri Kaipainen, Keskisuomalainen

“Martin Malmgren was secure and comfortable in his playing. With big musicality, a firm touch and skillful technique he played [Bartok’s 3rd piano concerto]”

Helsingborgs Dagblad

“With remarkable symbiosis between emotion and intelligence, and with poetic touch and virtuosity, he puts the music first.”

Jury of the Ljunggrenska competition (October 2013)

“Martin Malmgren sits unusually far from the grand piano, which brings certain extra objectivity to the sound control. Alban Bergs Sonata was far from the paleness that is easily affiliated with fin de siecle, and he managed to insert impressive sparks into his Lindberg pieces. (…) Ravels Gaspard de la nuit took the listener to a whole different wave lenghts. (…) Colourful sound, fine dynamics and indescribably intensive rythm swept one away.”

Matti Asikainen, Keskisuomalainen

“…a musician of the finest sensitivity, gifted with exceptional imagination and piercing intelligence”

Jerome Lowenthal, Piano Faculty, The Juilliard School, New York

“…a huge talent that can play the most demanding pieces of the piano repertoire with staggering virtuosity and musical committment”

Erik T. Tawastjerna, Piano Faculty, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki

“Martin has as a pianist and chamber musician shown instrumental knowledge on an exceptionally high level, paired with his fantastically sensitive and lyrical talent”

Per Nyström, Solo cellist and Artistic Director of Aurora Chamber Music Festival

“…one of the foremost Swedish pianists in the younger generation”

Mats Widlund, professor in piano, Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm